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Quilters Haven is a representative of Handi Quilter Machines, reliable, low-maintenance quilting machines that not only make it easy for you to finish more quilts, but also look great in your studio. Whether you quilt for fun, charity, or for profit, Handi Quilter’s innovative technology and quality engineering provide the functionality that quilters demand along with the smoothest stitch in the industry. All of our machines are backed by the trusted HQ warranty.

At Quilter’s Haven, we know that your quilting project is truly important. Quilting represents an impressive amount of time and effort for a beautiful result that will last forever and be passed down generation by generation. A quilt is more than a quilt; it’s an investment in your family’s future and a form of immortality through delicate handicraft. We’re honored to be the premier center for your long arm quilting machine in Rockford, IL.

Quilters know how exciting long arm quilting can be! Long arm quilting is a fantastic way to cut down on the time and hassle of “traditional” quilting while retaining the beautiful result and satisfaction of having a beautiful, handmade family heirloom. Perfect lines and parallel designs will be yours with the ease, speed, and precision of machine work! Long arm quilting machines can also be used for custom work, so show off your design and let your family benefit from your savvy, modern technique!

Our quilting service is invaluable when you reach the point where professional help with your project is needed. Let us finish your project or aid you with a big step so that you can continue quilting at any level.

We specialize in long arm quilting machines!

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